Three murders at Menard, Illinois Correctional Center in Less than 2 Months

486377_627192227307736_796970048_nBy Mark A. Clements

One must start to wonder what’s going on at the Menard Correctional Center located downstate in Southern Illinois. There have been three murders to occur individually within the past two months. Two of the deaths occurred inside the Segregation Unit where inmates are housed for allegedly breaking prison rules and the third death was to a 64 year old man who allegedly had altercations with another inmate weeks before his February 25th death. Menard is dangerously overcrowded with lots of racial and street gang conflicts.

Housing two inmates in small, closet-size prison cells was never a smart choice!

But it shows just how inhumane the State of Illinois and prison officials are willing to go to not spend appropriate money toward reform and meaningful makeover of its prison system.

Inmates that are locked in segregation are allowed out of their cells eight hours a week, which is a combination of yard-time, hospital appointments, and library visits. One shower a week, and two one hour visits a month. Many that are placed in segregation in the State of Illinois have mental illness and were originally placed in segregation for minor prison rule violations, such as disobeying a direct order, walking too slow, inability to fill out appropriate paperwork when arriving at the prison they were assigned too, or because they were doing something strange which a Correctional officer found to be offensive.

The State of Illinois policy pertaining to double cells in Illinois prison segregation must be re-visited by Illinois Governor Patrick Quinn and Illinois Prison Director S.A. Godinez.

Often inmates who are placed in segregation and experience difficulties with a cellmate request a cell change. Guards often ignore the inmate’s request for a cell change, leaving a vulnerable person to be victimized because guards are understaffed and not able to make appropriate rounds on the wings where these inmates are housed. Prison guards are so ineffective today that each year in Illinois prisons in segregation units much as 100 inmates are raped by other inmates. According to guards at Stateville Correctional Center, they believe that over 100 inmates housed inside the Northern Classification Center yearly are raped inside the unit.

Illinois prisons have gone greatly neglected for decades. The conditions have disastrously decayed.

Menard is a prison that is known throughout the State as racist, less then thirty-five staff members are African American throughout the entire prison.

Lawrence Correctional Center which is located in Sumner, Illinois has six African American guards.

Human beings who are caged and treated under Slavery laws are forced to reside in these inhumane conditions day in and day out.

Continuing to double cell inmates that are housed inside segregation units is equal to additional murders and rapes toward weaker inmates. Three deaths at Menard prison cannot go down as ignored. These are our love one’s and friends that are placed into dangerous situations by the State of Illinois, who is responsible to protect them while they are housed inside of their prisons. The lllinois Department of Corrections has clearly shown within the past sixty days that it cannot maintain adequate security at the Menard Correctional Center. Warehousing without rehabilitation was the wrong direction by government.

Changes must be made at the Menard Correctional Center.

Mark Clements was wrongfully convicted for murder as a 16 year old after Chicago police subjected him to physical and emotional torture under the command of torture ring-leader Jon Burge. Mark was finally freed in 2009 after having served 28 years in prison. 
Photo above: Virginia Clements, mother of Mark Clements, holds a banner of her son while he was incarcerated at the Pontiac Correctional Center in 2007

14 thoughts on “Three murders at Menard, Illinois Correctional Center in Less than 2 Months”

  1. This is a major concern and should be for everyone. All the prisons systems, especially Menard, are getting big dollars per inmate each year but are not hiring and maintaining proper staffing for the safety of everyone. The prison’s administrator should be questioned about the death total for this year. This is a concern…. A problem!

    1. My nephew was send to a sagragation for one year just because the guard accused him of having a nife inside the cell and because him or his celler didnt accept it having the nife both were send to the sagregation.and the guard put the nife in the cell just to blame them and send them to that the peopple we trust and paid them..who paids them the goverment works to pay them.? And those are guards???they should closed mennards..they work in there just for the money..and employees are more climinals..because they do something bad and get away with it..

  2. i’m afraid for my son who was wrongly convicted in 2006,the person he was accused of murdering his brother is serving a long sentences for murder & is in the same institution as he is and words gets to him as to his threats & i’m worried about my son & his safety if he can’t defend him self to win what this young man have planned for him,i just pray that this situation never comes to the outcome that could come to,lord/jesus i pray that my son can work his way up out of this wrongfully convicted mess that has been bestowed upon him,in jesus name i’m praying for his safety & release, Amen!!

    1. i have a son wrongfully convicted and serving a long sentence i too pray that he will win his appeal and come home a long sentence away from everybody you love and love you is punishment enough to be subjected to racism or inhumane treatment that itself is cruel and unusual punishment and shouldn’t be then to top it all fearful for their life its not right what differs prison from the streets it seem as though prison is designed for inmate killing inmate it is easier than rehabbing the inmates who are trying to change their lives

  3. My son was arrested in 2010 for a crime that others had to only serve 4 years. His sentence was for 10 years. I am very concerned because I am in another State. He has been transferred between three prisons in illinois. When he first went to Galesburg prison he said that four guards beat him, stomped on him, and opened his legs and kicked him hard in the groin. I don’t know why they will not transfer him closer to his home. I have not seen my son in 5 years. After hearing about the Menard prison I am overwhelmed with fear for my son. He has just recently been sent there. He has found God, we all represent the same faith. I give him encouragement that the Lord will keep him safe. He is always in our prayers and our Church has him uplifted in prayer. I would not be able to live without him in my life. Without God in our life, I don’t know what I would do. Cry all the time.

  4. I hope my friend and boyfriend is okay. He doesn’t deserve to be abused in anyway. I hope he only reads and think about good stories, cus they can’t take his mind.

  5. My brother is in menard Pricion
    My And my familia are in mexico
    Some body know a good lawyer to help
    To my brother please help me to contac a good lawyer

  6. my son is also in menard correctional prison. I pray for him,pray a covering on his life. this prison is always on lockdown and currently on lockdown. don’t know why!! so I just pray my son is safe. in the mighty name of jesus.

  7. My son is housed in Menard for unlawfull use of weapon first time going jail serving 3 years put in transfer in December no response I pray every day my son is okay

    1. Every time we vote for people thinking they will do something for us and one goes in and out..and nobody cares as long as they get paid they dont care about anything or nobody.alot of inmates are wrongly acused but they dont care.they get paid to work in there plus they received money too to make the inmates life more miserable than what is all ready is every employee should be inbestigate and see if they received money from other people.

  8. We need to get all together and tell the governor Bruce yo closed this correctional. Because every time some one goes yo visit either they are in lock down or give you a lot of excuses to let you visit your family..

  9. My son is serving a life sentence after what I believe to be a wrongful conviction, but I say the devil is a lie. They transferred him from Stateville to Menard. I don’t drive, but at least I could go to see him in Stateville. Menard is so far away and I haven’t saw him in almost 3 years. The prison system isn’t designed for rehabilitation, it’s a commodity.

  10. My son has been in Menard since March. I am so afraid for him! He has Bipolar disorder&has been taking meds since he was 5YRS old. He has been transferred 3x in 1 year. He is doing a 10 1 /2 years sentence. He us currently in Seg. I want to go visit him, but I can’t drive 6hrs to only visit for 1hr! THIS IS OUT RAHEEM PLEASE PRAY FOR US all!!

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