The NYPD Declares Martial Law in Brooklyn

A woman is dragged during a protest against the shooting of Kimani Gray, March 13, 2013 in the East Flatbush neighborhood of the Brooklyn borough of New York City. Photo by Matthew Swaye (?)
A woman is dragged during a protest against the shooting of Kimani Gray, March 13, 2013 in the East Flatbush neighborhood of the Brooklyn, New York City. (Photo by AP)

On the heels of three nights of protests over the police slaying of 16 year old Kimani Gray, the NYPD has turned the East Flatbush neighborhood of Brooklyn into a State of Exception, claiming emergency powers to suspend the constitutional guarantees of the citizenry.

The people regularly targeted by police harassment and violence, overwhelmingly the city’s poor and minority populations, have taken to the streets to speak out against the NYPD’s draconian tactics. The police have in turn responded with even further harsh measures by suppressing the right of the people to voice dissatisfaction with that very same police force.

Cops kettled protesters at Wednesday night’s candlelight vigil, resulting in 46 arrests. Police even arrested Kimani Gray’s distraught sister, Mahnefeh.

The NYPD euphemistically calls the public spaces in which the Constitutional rights of the people are suspended “frozen zones.”

Allison Kilkenny wrote about the NYPD’s so-called “frozen zones” in December 2011:

“The ‘frozen zone’ is an arbitrary, official police business-sounding title that has absolutely zero legal merit. It’s something the NYPD made up, just as the ‘First Amendment zone’ is something [Los Angeles Mayor Antonio] Villaraigosa made up to suppress media coverage of the Occupy raids.”

According to FIERCE, the “frozen zone” in East Flatbush is being used to prevent media from covering the protests and arrests. Meanwhile, people inside the “frozen zone” can be subjected to arrest merely by exercising their constitutional rights.

“It basically means the area is under temporary martial law,” writes FIERCE. “The last times the NYPD declared a Frozen Zone was on the 10th anniversary of 9/11 and during the beginning of OWS.”

An arbitrary dictate that arrests protest and free speech, set forth by the institution that is itself the target of the protests, creates a potentially dangerous precedent of placing the NYPD beyond reproach.

Occupy Austin reposted this poignant summary of events by Jen Roesch as they were unfolding in Brooklyn last night:

“East Flatbush, Brooklyn is under martial law as the NYPD declares it a ‘frozen zone’. Media are being monitored and kept from moving and reporting freely. Dozens of arrests and much brutality. Kimani was shot in the back seven times; a witness is sure he was unarmed; multiple reports are coming out that the police had been waging a campaign of harassment against the young man (including taunting him about a friend who had died in a car accident and threatening to shoot him when he tried to leave). This is just blocks from where Shantel Davis was shot, dragged from her car and left to bleed to death in the street last summer. After that shooting, police went to all the surrounding delis and confiscated their surveillance videos. Residents in the neighborhood live in a state of terror. Heartbreaking, enraging, the stuff that riots are made of. This city is at a breaking point.”

Kimani Gray’s parents are scheduled to hold a press conference this evening to address the March 9 police slaying of their young son.

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        1. Agreeing with: wontonjonko, Too Real. Nothing you’ve stated had anything to do with the actual topic at hand!! I’m not going to get on you for your spelling nor mis-education on life, only because I know that there’s learning disabilities “within every race.”
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      1. Buddy, you are so far separated from reality that you comment about bigotry while sounding like a bigot. Congratulations, not only is your character horribly misguided but you also managed to refer nothing to the article than unsubstantiated stereotypes. Its a good thing this article was written in no context to a certain minority group running around killing people of opposing race, its about publicly funded law enforcement taking away a constitutional amendment from the very people they are supposed to protect. So why dont you run back to your little like-minded friends and play dress up in your white silk because the adults are talking.

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          Stop being part of the problem and just love everyone!

          1. Tara,
            I think you are only viewing this through a white lens, and calling out a person who has possibly dealt with this shit their whole life. Acknowledging your own privilege is a good start to understanding that. “Just love everybody?” Tell that to the cops, the government, the racist pigs that run everything. Your voice is not more important than anyone else’s, but it seems you are probably used to being “heard” first, and filtering “racism” through a lens of entitlement. Think about who you are lashing out at, maybe back up for a second and re-read your bullshit reply.

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      3. @sick of racist blacks, you hit the nail on the head. Unfortunately, if you are from the good side of town, you won’t know unless you work or live around these people for a while. The liberal media and the politicians do NOT hold them accountable for their behavior, and it is getting out of control! Constructive criticism of their culture, their behavior in school and in the real world, is NOT racism!


          A few facts. 85% of White murder victims were killed by other Whites. 80% of White rape victims were raped by other Whites.

          Finally, Sampson and Wilson (2005) two Sociologist point out that crime is not associated with race in the manner in which many Americans believe (i.e. race (or skin color) causes crime) rather poverty and the residential/community context (i.e. social disorganization) causes crime. When Blacks and White reside in similar kinds of communities and are equally poor. Crime rates are virtually the same. My advice to you is to be informed. Do your research…you’ll be better for it. Blessings J


          1. Thank you for being the only person here who’s at least ATTEMPTING to keep the conversation relevant.

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      4. It’s not the blacks or the jews that are beating people up and shooting people and arresting them for no reason, it’s the NYPD. No amount of racist language will hide that.

        1. I’ve never had a friend get beaten up by the NYPD, but have had many friends get beaten by black people. All were minding their own business and got beaten and robbed.

          1. It’s expected that the police shouldn’t attack you; random citizens can be capable of anything, so one usually keeps their eyes open around them. When a PEACEKEEPER attacks you, that’s very scary if your actions didn’t warrant such a critical response, such as the article suggests.

          2. @nobody so does that mean that all black people are bad? wrong place wrong time, it happens all though sad but it happens

        2. Has anyone ever thought about what the cops think? They can’t touch anyone cause if we do it is police brutality, and if we let them go they go on a killing spree, they are paranoid because of the terrible things they have heard and seen, I’ve seen other officers stabbed, shot in traffic and ganged up on by random people, if you don’t like the job they are doing, grab a badge and gun, kiss your spouse and kids goodbye, while they try to understand why you risk your life for people who will ALWAYS turn there back on you, till then sit down and shut up because I will protect the public with or without their approval.

      5. You lose any credibility you may think you may have due to your lack of learning to spell the most basic words in the dictionary.

        Get spell check!

        1. Instead of calling each other names here and caring about someone’s damn spelling, we ALL need to pull together in this city…MARTIAL LAW IS COMING, and is here in parts of New York and other states…I have seen the hundreds of tanks on YOU TUBE, the prisons camps all over the states, people, and this is nothing to joke about…They are here in the city, this military, and on a “mission”, as in other states right now. We have to pull together as Americans with rights, and don’t let them confiscate our weapons or take our food and resources, or even drag us away to some “unknown territory”…Wake up, America, before it is too late!!

      6. Meanwhile another white man grabs a machine gun and kills 10 or more. But that is the only way people care about gun laws. When white kids get shot up

        1. Show me ONE incident of a “Machine Gun” being used in a mass shooting……

          A semi-automatic is NOT a “MACHINE GUN”…….

          A little education goes a LONG way!!!!

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        1. It’s more of a cascade effect from the years spent advocating Constitutional Rights. The whites had them, and the blacks wanted to be free from oppression. And now the black population has seemingly more “protection” under the law because they can play the “racism card” to condemn any possible actions towards themselves they deem discriminatory. Thus this makes white people more afraid to speak out against such unjust behavior, which creates a cascading fear that infects both sides as each tries to defend their own.

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      8. I’m white, and I live in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn. I’ve never been robbed. None of my neighbors have ever said or done anything to make me uncomfortable.

        You’re an idiot. Please stop speaking on behalf of white people.

        1. Thank you Marty for being PROOF that not all black people are unsavory characters running around acting out the malicious, preconceived notions held by a fraction of a race!!!

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        1. Oh, Lou. You tickled my inner English teacher. When people don’t expand their knowledge or pay attention in school, it is impossible to tap into your critical thinking skills without proper use of the English language. Without critical thinking skills, we all just stick to our own little interpretations of race, and minority, and income groups. There are white politicians (and I am white married to a black man) who commit worse crimes than any black man could imagine doing. Every white man I met was abusive and controlling. My black husband is involved in the community, rehabilitates troubled (wait for it!) WHITE boys, and cleans the house and cares for the children while I work and work for my Master’s degree. The majority of the people (who are WHITE) in our community are no-good-welfare diggers. The majority of the “black” people, in a predominately “white” community, are amazing, hard working, valued individuals with morals and a conscience. People should not be judged on the color of their skin, or their income bracket, they should be judged by the way they write, talk, and act. If one is so closed-minded that they can’t open up a dictionary on their free time to improve themselves, chances are that they are not going to open their minds to the change in themselves. It’s not the black community, or the white community that is the problem. It’s people that see the world in black-and-white.

          1. @mamaof6 Thank you for saying one of the most intelligent things I have read in this entire column. The color of peoples skin only matters if YOU (other people in this thread) are racist. And seriously, if some of you would open a book instead of soiling this world with your hate and ignorance, maybe I would be able to understand what you are saying, I’ve seen better grammar in a 3rd grade classroom. Bottom line, some of those cops are African American (stop using phrases like you people, it makes you sound ignorant), Some politicians are too. Many thieves, gangsters, rapists and murderers are Caucasian. Someone very intelligent once said he dreamed that people would be judged not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. Stop generalizing people and just see people for who they are, not what they are. And stick to the point, Americans are being stripped of their constitutional rights. Martial law is only to be used in a time of war (in America first time being after the Boston Tea Party in 1773, during the American Revolution), or in the wake of disaster (Hurricane Katrina after law enforcement was rendered incapacitated). Martial Law is when military takes control and acts as the police, courts and legislature. There is no military in control, the police are misusing a term started in the 1300’s to abuse the freedoms that our forefathers declared in the late 1700’s. Serving and protecting is the farthest thing from what these police are doing.

      11. The fact that you can accuse anybody of “using the race card” while standing balls-deep in a tub filled with and made of race cards illustrates how absurdly, comically oblivious you are of the actual truth of this situation. You are apparently actually incapable of recognizing a distinction between behavior patterns and skin color. You have such an out-of-control erection for your idea of some race war, perpetrated by a disadvantaged cultural minority against the privelaged majority to which you belong and enabled by an arbitrary made-up conspiratorial faction which automatically encompases anybody that you don’t like for whatever stupid reason you decide not to like people (like what color their skin is) that the first thing you do with information you’re presented with is to reflexively reconstruct it so that it suits your pathetically vain crusade, no matter how crude and obviously artificial that reconstruction is.
        For your own sake, for the love of sanity and common human decency, get a fucking grip and try to find some perspective. Pour some ice water on your throbbing hatred-boner and try to examine the facts with a little bit of objectivity. This is PATHETIC.

      12. I used to live in Flatbush, im white.
        I have not a clue what you are talking about, would you like to take a troll around the neighborhood so you can point out what exactly it is you are speaking of….. SMH

      13. Are you HONESTLY suggesting that there is racism towards WHITE people? Look at some statistics White men make more than woman and any ethnicity in America. We have it PRETTY FUCKING GOOD. The color of your skin does not make you any more violent than the next. If we threw Wall Street in the hood with gun shops and liquor stores one every corner and a total absence of honest work to be found they’d be robbing motherfuckers too. Seriously. GO TO HELL YOUR STEAMING RACIST PILE OF SHIT.

        1. > The color of your skin does not make you any more violent than the next.
          The Department of Justice would like to have a word with you.

          P.S.: They also would like to inform you that it is independent of income level.

      14. As a white person who grew up in a predominantly black community in the south, I am disgusted by your bigoted attitude towards black people and the bad image you are giving white people.

        Racism is still alive and well in this country and it is people like you who perpetuate it.

      15. in reply to “sick of racist blacks” it makes me so upset to know people like you exist in this world. everything about your post screams ignorance, intolerance, hatred and complete bigotry. You are white, you are probably a male, you have absolutely no idea about any kind of prejudice because you have always been the at the top of the social classes. The only cancer that is being spread in america is people like you who cannot see the bigger picture that we were all put on this earth to be united and love one another as our brothers and sisters. We are all human beings with immense potential for spiritual growth and development and we will never realize our highest potential if you keep projecting your fear and confusion and whatever bogus information you learned from your bigoted and racist family growing up. I truly hope you read this and re-think your values and what you stand for, because the only thing that will bring you any kind of positivity, love or respect in this world is being someone who spreads positivity love and respect. please go read something that will help you see how very VERY wrong you are and how much better your life can be if you would just stop vibrating at such a sad, low and pathetic frequency.


        You are a sick individual who has zero right to speak on the behalf of racism that has constantly been oppressed in every systematic way possible. Once one endures such tyranny through generations of oppression what do you think the result is? When your local education system is in shambles, white people are 5-6times more likely to get jobs ahead of blacks, unsanitary conditions within communities, accessibility to healthy food, the constant stereotypical media depiction, why hip hop which is one of the most popular forms of communications/entertainment artists get paid more then any other job in America to support the negativity within the community while white men are singing them the pay check…do you get it yet?

        there’s something much bigger going on then you so called “educated” ones seem to think. Just because you use “big” words doesn’t mean anything so you should get this illusion out of your head before shit hits the fan for you. English is a backwards language. Go do you homework. Go look up the eytomology of words you brain dead sheep.

        For all you so called “black” people. first off “black” means “pale,death”. do your homework stop labeling everyone and everything and finding every excuse to blame whites and the govt for all your problems. There’s always a way around.

        fuck a HIS-Story book, education “endoctrination”, fuck a DE-GREE “deevolving”

        Look within. Life is good. 13love 13 knowledge 13 mother nature. start getting right before you cant handle the heat that’s coming :)

        1. i can appreciate the real view you somewhat have on whats happening but tha statement of what black means is misconstrued… in terms of light its the absence of color. In terms of color its every color combined. You’re somewhat educated but you need to continue your edu.

        Before you go on a rant…it would be a good idea for you to do a fact check first. 85% of White murder victims were killed by other Whites. 80% of White rape victims were raped by other Whites.

        Finally, Sampson and Wilson (2005) two Sociologist point out that crime is not associated with race in the manner in which many Americans believe (i.e. race (or skin color) causes crime) rather poverty and the residential/community context (i.e. social disorganization) causes crime. When Blacks and White reside in similar kinds of communities and are equally poor. Crime rates are virtually the same. My advice to you is to be informed. Do your research…you’ll be better for it. Blessings J

      18. You are so wrong and misguided. It’s sad. Also, maybe learn how to avoid run-on sentences. People might take what you have to say a little more seriously

      19. “learn your children” it seems you did not “learn” what you were supposed to “learn” in school relative to what was “taught” by the “teachers” nor did you “learn” much about history, hatred was introduced by European social dominance through colonization, enslavement, imperialism and the social construction of race. Perhaps you have made the best case for igorance through your own myopic, ill-informed rant. Furhter it may behoove you to go to school, or go back to school and educate yourself more broadly and comprehensively, because it is evident that you have not been “taught” much by your own unconscious admission.

      20. let’s* young* around* weak* because* their* taught* their* weak* because* teach* you’re* won’t* owned* synagogue* midst* their*
        Maybe you should have your parents “learn you” as well before you complain.


      22. You have the nerve to call names, when your white parents tarted this “Beef” By bringing Stealing blacks from Africa to work for their evil Dog smelling ass. Whites have fucked with every race on the face of this earth so how can you blame what happends to them. The gunes on the street the white man sell for profite, the drugs, etc. White peoples terror all over the world and intergration with blacks has and will erase the white race by 2020 2030 anyhow. Blame your ansesters for building A Hate Inside a People, That with Hate White “Indviduals That Talk and Speak like You The rest of Your Life”. So Who’s The Blame Know”

      23. You are an idiot, you hate black ppl that bad, well the feeling’s mutual it’s ppl like you that make it hard to like whites that area doesn’t only have black ppl in it, it also have Puerto Ricans, Latinos & yes POOR WHITES you dumb fuck, but I bet you’re the type that so call hate blacks & but work around them & talk to them like you don’t have a racist bone in your body but then you come home & HIDE behind your computer & type shit like this, but when it’s really your kind that do hanous shit like SANDY HOOK ELEMENTARY or COLUMBINE HIGH SCHOOL & as far as blacks killing whites that’s a lie cause majority of blacks are too busy & too stupid killing other blacks so get the fuck out of her with that stupidity cause in all actuality no race is better than any other

      24. You got it twisted unintelligent person. Blacks were brought to this country by racist Whites. Racism is defined as a group who holds power, resources and controls wealth, using that power and wealth to their benefit to keep another group from participating in the equal right to utilize their (Blacks) own efforts to attain the same wealth, power and resources. That’s the result of slavery, Jim Crow. That’s “Racism” Not being Ok with your plight in the world and expressing rejection of how you’ve been treated is freedom to protest and what people should do who have treated the way Blacks have by Whites. Disliking another group may be called bigotry or stereo type but that doesn’t qualify as racism. Whites have waged wars all over the world and stolen everything they have from other groups of people. That’s your history. Blacks are a product of that history. Africans were not slaves brought here to be enslaved, Africans are Black people brought here and turned into slaves. The barbarism is the White race’s legacy. Black’s don’t control any wealth, property, land, politics or media, dude. “So Blacks are not capable of racism and cannot be racist” You are a racist if you believe as you have posted because you are a member of the controlling race who has chosen long ago to create the situation we have today and still perpetuate these conditions by denying you all have anything to do with it which is astounding mentalities to say the least. Don’t blame Blacks for rejecting the treatment of racism, slavery and the conditions we have as a result of it, then turn around and call us racist ourselves. That means you are ignorant, dumb, don’t know what you are talking about or a racist you’re damn self Because you are White and a supporting member of that behavior. Now you got that from a Black person with more integrity and wisdom than you are even capable of. You show your true colors and fake humanity just by your ignorant comments. Keep talking and stay out the closet. We know who you really are just by the mentality you have, dude.

      25. Setting aside the topic at hand for one moment- Has anyone ever studied the relationship between poor spelling/grammar and bigotry? I wonder if there is a positive correlation. Either way, thank you for being a shining example of the poor education system in this country.

      26. Dear Sirs and Madams.
        There is a lot of name calling and
        You’ve fallen into the trap created by our Liberal (political philosophy sense rather than meaning “leftist”) society. Too often, responses Blame is too easily shifted to the individual for behavior that is often in large part rooted in socioeconomic conditions and culture of our society as a whole. People are not irrational. Misguided perhaps, but for the vast majority of us,we are not irrational. As such, it can be safely stated that our behavior and opinions are born out of the culture/society we have been born into. For every opinion, every behavior, there exists a society, a culture, a life experience that created, fostered and promoted it. And while your opinions differ radically from mine, I may disagree with them or find them deplorable, hateful or even stupid, BUT, I will not hate you for them. To do so would be to ignore that you were born into a society and had life experiences that have lead you to believe this and act as such. I will now request that people in this thread and others stop calling each other names and. If you want to make this country better, and you see something wrong with it, the way people are behaving, pour your energies towards fixing systemic issues such as poverty, slipping educational standards, hunger, the widening class gap, the consistent vilification of the poor, the cultural hegemony of the capitalist ruling class, general ignorance of one’s rights, the fact that we know the media is information spoon fed to us in whatever political flavor that channel thinks its viewers want to hear. The rising tide lifts all ships. Stop blaming other people(s) for the way they think or behave, deriding them as somehow lacking, and work to change the conditions that helped make them that way.


        1. As much as I respect you, you’re not representing a realistic world, only an idealistic one. What I would guess to be around ninety percent of the human population cannot operate under your suggestions, and are too guided by emotions to truly achieve them, me included.
          You can’t fight fire with fire, but the world is to such a degree that peaceful chatting will only be silenced by powerful corruption. It’s tragic.

      27. Okay, I’m white, but you’re the most brainwashed fucking racist I’ve ever come across. Sure, black people can be racist too, anyone can, but you’re the only one being incredibly ignorant. You’re generalizing an entire race of people in one of the most populated cities on Earth. Cops have no right to shoot an UNARMED teenager because he was a “black and that mean’s he’s automatically a criminal who hates whites”.

        There are criminals of every color. And innocents of every color as well. You’re the reason anybody, including other white people, hates white people.

      28. “lets”: did you mean “let’s”?
        “youn”: did you mean “young”?
        “aroudn”: did you mean “around”?
        “week”: did you mean “weak”?
        “cos”: did yo mean “’cause”?
        “there”: did you mean “their”?
        “tought”: did you mean “taught”?
        “farakhan”: did you mean “Farrakhan”?
        “iff”: did you mean “if”?
        “learn your children”: did you mean “teach your children”?
        “your dishing”: did you mean “you’re dishing”?
        “wont”: did you mean “won’t”?
        “its owned”: did you mean “it’s owned”?
        “synogoig”: did you mean “synagogue”?
        “mist”: did you mean “midst”?
        Do you have any idea how to punctuate? (rhetorical)
        But never mind about how your writing displays your incredible ignorance, let’s talk about your stupid racism and anti-Semitism that really mark you as ignorant.

      29. I would like to see what you had to say about how Bush treated the people of New Orleans in Katrina! Calling them non citizens etc! Not to mention the way his brother was caught being racist. I think that violence of any kind is horrible. I just think you should watch your tone!

      30. PLEASE get informed, and stop justifying your own racism. Honestly I can’t even read this comment simply because it makes no sense whatsoever. The problem lies with all people. Everyone has a part, and pinning all social ills on one race or group does us no good as a people. Playing the blame game only perpetuates the problem. 52% of arrests and “frisking” by the NYPD is done on blacks in comparison to 11% whites. That is a reality that we are working with, and people are trying to have their voices heard over the issue…because that’s what Barack Obama and our government wants us to be able to do. Our government is struggling. Our system is stuck in a grid lock, and we need to come together for the sake of our country for progress to be made; finger pointing puts more distance between us and that goal. It is not the problem of one political party, race, religion, or political leader…this is OUR problem.

      31. To the inbreeding victim above. The war is against yoy too. This is not just about blacks. I know plenty of white boys running around with guns robbing people daily. This is not the point you ignoramus prick. People are people. This kid was 16 years old. He was murdered by police. If this were your friend or family you would be singing a different tune. This is about stripping the American people of our constitutional rights. Not just this kid, his family, or his neighbors; you too. But this is where they start. You think these cops give a shit about you and your white skin? They start out in these neighborhoods so people like you accept it easily. Then before you know it, its your dad, brother, or sister theyre violating. Then you’ll be the one crying out for justice and begging for public support. Families like this will be the first to show up in your corner should that day ever come….. WAKE UP!!! YOUVE BEEN LIED TO. THE WAR IS AGAINST ALL COLORS. ITS A WAR AIMED TO ENSLAVE. EDUCATE YOURSELF. JOIN THE MOVEMENT. DON’T MOVE AGAINST IT!

      32. I feel sorry for this POOR DISILLUSIONED SOUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He so blainded w/ his HATE of our skin he doesn’t realize the GREAT INJUSTICE AMERICA has done to Black ppl & all ppl of color. Martial Law isn’t about black or white it’s about the government doing what it wants to do more matter who is hurt injured or killed. This article was about the outcry that ppl made after a Child was killed (it didn’t matter what color the child was). Right is right & wrong is wrong!!!!!!!!

        1. I feel sorry forthis POOR DISILLUSIONED SOUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He so blinded w/ his HATE of our skin he doesn’t realize the GREAT INJUSTICE AMERICA has done to Black ppl & all ppl of color. Martial Law isn’t about black or white it’s about the government doing what it wants to do; NO matter who is hurt injured or killed. This article was about the outcry that ppl made after a Child that was killed (it didn’t matter what color the child was). Right is right & wrong is wrong!!!!!!!! May GOD have mercy on your ignorant soul: “sick of racist blacks”!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      33. Not only are you ILLITERATE but… your response is so JADED that it’s pathetic. Those same cops are protecting the system that was established by WHITE MEN who came to this country from England and shot and killed innocent, indigenous First Nation men, women and children (you white folks call them “Native Americans”), as well as raping them, scalping them, infecting them with the foulest diseases, stealing their children and land, torturing them and rounding them up on reservations. Then, those same WHITE MEN kidnapped, bought, sold and enslaved innocent African men, women and children and beat, raped, tortured, terrorized, lynched, castrated and denied them of EVERY human right… to marry, own property, keep their children, speak their indigenous languages, practice their customs and the list goes on. Get your facts straight. “Learn your children to stop carrying guns and being wild animals”? Are you effin SERIOUS?!!! Who the hell are MAKING and SELLING the guns wholesale into our communities you turd? I won’t even get into YOUR white serial killing, assault weapon owning/carrying/bringing to school children who do what white people typically do… wipe people out EN MASSE when they flip out from the psychiatric drugs they’ve been on since childhood, amongst their many other and varied psychological issues. Your people have been a plague on this entire planet. What you see today is only a response to and reflection of the VIOLENCE that has been instilled by the European race on this whole planet for CENTURIES. The media is “onwed by the synogoig of satan”? You illiterate jerk off. You can’t even spell SYNAGOGUE (or OWNED, for that matter). Please. Who don’t you take your caveman, neanderthal, raw meat eatin’ ass back to the caves that your people crawled out of and STFU!?!!


      35. That is so messed up what you just said, I am white and so is my wife, we lived in this neighbohood for years up to 2010 and we witnessed nothing of what you said. Some shootings, yes, sadly (but here too, in the south of France where I live now, just as many or more in Marseille) but no white-hatred. The only fear we had in east-flatbush was actually NYPD for their continuous harrassment towards us because we where whites in a black neighborhood. 68th precinct on Snyder ave, you can all go to hell, we won’t miss you!

        People like you need to travel a bit. You don’t even realize you’re the one teaching hate. Black jews, jews, Rasta boboshantis, catholics, orthodoxes and muslims you can find in this neighborhood NEVER made us feel unwelcomed, unlike the feeling I had in white pennsylvania. Go to the pocono’s or even better, go to geno’s in philly’, there you’ll see real racist hate… But not in Brooklyn. VANDERVEER STAND UP!!!

    2. yeah sure they are , ok lets just let youn black kids walk aroudn with guns and rob week whites all day long , cos that is what is going on , the racist black community just wants to rob rape and kill white folk , and there kids are running wild with hatred , tought to them by there parents or the black fake hebrews , or is it farakhan , your community is full of hate , then your children act on it , robbing and killing week whites with guns , then guess what the cops find one and deal with the piece of low life scum , the problem lies with racist black america … what do the cops do , let this white genocide continue cos they play the race card daily and have white america walking on eggshells , time to stand up to these racists once and for all , time to stand up white america and say we either live in peace but iff you want war you got it , either back off and learn your children to stop carrying guns and being wild animals or you get back what your dishing out daily , and the media wont report the black on white crime going on , but they make a huge effort to report any white on black stuff , because its onwed by the synogoig of satan the zionist , they are the enemy , the enemy of whites and blacks , you have a cancer in your mist america , the zionist media , the zionist government , with obama there puppet running it , dont be scared white america , iff you remember our fore fathers were running to there deaths like ants , in world war one and two , liberals , and zionist are the devils work .

        1. Thank you! I wanted to be pissed off at what he was saying, but my brain wouldn’t let me get past the grammar and spelling.

          1. Thank you, lost1. I giggled a little. It was like reading my developmentally disabled sister’s attempts at text messaging. However, my sister is not a racist white. And this person is obviously not retarded, just stupid. Is there an app for that?

      1. “white genocide”?

        it’s interesting that you feel the need to marker “genocide” with “white”. pretty clearly indicates an enculturated belief that genocide is usually not against whites.

        I’d just like to point out as well that you’re shrieking your head off about “genocide” while standing in a country you ethnically cleansed (& still purge now and then) to give farmland to whites so it could be worked by black slaves. you have neither the historical perspective nor the critical faculties to understand how awful you are, but perhaps I can help.

        go back to Europe. we’ll help you pack.

    3. .to make change we have to unite at home and abroad….a handful of people…will NEVER make the change we need …but look how many of us their are globally….imagine if ALL of us came together to fight corrupt goverments and our treatment…it may sound silly to many…but it was the aim of Marcus Garvey…Malcolm X….Bob Marley…Hugo Chavez…etc…theirs too many to mention…theirs always been power in numbers and when you add unity…its a wining battle…we perfer to follow their vision…they can t kill every black/african person in the world…:-)x

    4. Right on!
      here’s the problem with ppl who are too rigid – they think every one is out to get them…. I was agreeing with “I do not believe in violent crowd control. I am for home protection and not to control crowds. I think the police are being more fascist and are beating up on people too fast, and in excess.” and I get “Hey Kristina, this photo is a little outrageous g to me and I would prefer that people don’t see it … Would you please take it down?
      Cyber bullying is uncool and I will report you to Facebook and contact the FBI Internet site because I feel harassed.”} Sure, I’m not bullying but ppl will believe whatever they want to believe… these mentalities are going to make sure that they expedite the reality that they fear…

    5. yo seriously??? east flatbush is my hood and im definitely not a big cop fan but this article is bullshit…im out here on these streets everyday and hell yeah theres a lot of cops and protesting and all that but as for frozen zones and Martial law…thats not true at all….we been protesting all night and all da cops are doing is following us with the media…they even have their own video cameras on sight…now im not gonna lie…sum pple going crazy throwing bricks, bottles, and lemons at the cops so the cops are coming at us but this article is bullshit….im not a cop fan but i damn sure fucken hate liberals and from the look of this article, some liberal wrote it…im out here in these streets.!

    6. Then why don’t you become a cop and see why we “abusive” cops do what we do, we don’t only shot black guys, just black guys with guns aimed at us, we also shoot at white guys, Hispanic guys, Asian guys, or just anyone with a gun aimed at either the people we will gladly give our lives for or the people we DON’T want to give our lives for. Our job is to protect the people, with or without your consent

  1. The people need to take back their rights!!! As citizens we pay their salaries they need to remember they are just the same as you and I and they are not above the law. This is clear violation of rights.


      1. Are you really so naive to think that just because you don’t do something wrong the police won’t bother you? Are you even from America?

      2. Popo: you sir, are a fucking idiot. Numerous eye witness accounts have stated and are willing to testify that the CHILD those police officers MURDERED was unarmed, minding his own business. The police involved deserve to be stripped of their badges and left to the enraged, grieving masses. You yourself must be a cop. Only an ignorant, power blinded cocksmith would side with the police in this case. I am exercising my first amendment right to say this… It is my OPINION that you are just as bigotted and power hungry as the majority of law enforcement in todays age. It sad and you sir are pathetic.

        1. Well opinions vary in validity and yours is about as valid as a pile of dog doo.
          Considering the type of people that were shown rioting over this, and the look and history of the kid himself, I’m really gonna have to go with the cops on this one as much as I hate to do it.

          1. Opinions do indeed vary in validity. As you seem to have reached your opinions based on, as you said, “the type of people that were shown rioting” and the “look and history of the kid himself”, well, I’d say the validity of your opinions is questionable at best.

          2. “the type of people that were shown”?

            “the look and history of the kid himself”?

            I really hope you never serve on a jury or ever have to make any important decision regarding anybody’s life. I hope the police murder you too because they don’t like the way you look.

          3. Yes, I think we understand what a racist piece of shit every single police officer is. No need to remind us.

          4. I guess now it’s ok to get shot because of your looks… Great, I hope you encounter an NYPD officer who doesn’t like how you look. You’ll see how weird it feels all of the sudden.

        2. sorry, unions will protect those officers till the evidence is possibly tampered/destroyed or forgotten. then they will transfer them to another dept….. we all lose with public sector unions… but ya since kids don’t work in coal mines anymore we owe them….. lol

          1. Unions are hardly the problem, asshole. It’s people like you who end up causing people to lose the right to bargain due to your ignorance.

        3. Hey Renee, fuck you-you nigger whore! The little bastard pulled a gun, he got what his stupid ass deserved. If those apes want to riot, the cops should have shoot to kill orders. All niggers are criminals!

          1. No racism problem here, let’s move along. I bet you’re one of those republican christians who claim the only racism problem here is against the white race.

          2. You must’ve walked in on a black dude giving it to your mama good when you were a kid. It’s okay, guy. Your mom is proud that she loves the midnight steel. Time for you to accept it, so that the healing can begin!

          3. Wow, amazing Paul Pace. You are a legitimate fucking moron. Get the fuck out of my ethnic race. You make me freaking sick. You Paul, are a disgrace to all races with your bigotry and stupidity. Again, please get the fuck out of my race; suck start a pistol for all reasonable reasons stated.

            14 year U.S. Marine Infantry
            Combat Veteran
            “white guy”

          4. Paul Pace,


          5. Paul Pace,


          6. Dude what the fuck is wrong with you, grow the fuck up an learn you dumb ass the true definition of the word nigger means ignorant witch you ass holes seam to very much be like wight black it dosent matter what color you are you can be ignorant … pick up a goddamn dictionary and learn something and if you where up from where i live and talked as racist as you do behind these pointless post youd disappear in a heart beat because you have no goddamn idea what the fuck your talking about and if youd like i can teach you

          7. TheBlueCoyote:

            Whether there is or is not a racism problem in general is hardly relevant to this incident. He was a wannabe cop-killer, and now he’s dead. Yellow, red, black, or normal skin, I don’t care, justice was done.

          8. You are surely a coward!!!!!!!! I am sure that you won’t say that to a black person’s face!!!!!!!!!!! You are probably a Klan that hide behind their sheets, because they are surely cowards. They have their secretive meetings, because they are cowards! You will find that the problem is not with others as it is with yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        4. the child had multile charges , he was no child , but fucking terror , a wild cannon , with little or no morals like most black youth of today who dont live by gods laws and dont give a shit who gets hurt , he did have a fucking gun … and he robbed multiple people , another little worthless cunt … who blames the fucking police , you need to get a grip of your wild fucking children who are out and out racists

        5. sure he was you lying black trash what are you after a free obama tv , he has previous for mugging and inciting a riot , the little racist got served , but once again the black will stick up for destruction and evil , they dont mind there kids running around with guns killing white people , they actually like it , teach them it , who does they ask , the streets upon streets of black hebrews or the football stadiums of black folk listening to farakhan m calling for white genocide , your a fucking discrace , your children are hearing this and acting on it , they are filled with hatred , he had a loaded gun , he was a piece of shit like the rest of your hiphop trash culture thinking its great to rob and kill you stupid race card whore , what do we do , lie back and let this go on and on , time to fucking deal with this , dont be scared white america we have bent over to liberals and blacks for long enough , there are thousand of white women raped daily , thousand of white killed daily by racist blacks , this has to stop , iff you remember your fore fathers ran in the hundreds over the trenches and died like ants for what they believed in , they died for you …. dont let usa slip into satans hands , the liberals and zionists who are using the blacks as a pawn with obama there puppet , black america should wake up and see obama and zionist is the enemy not the whites who pay for your damn kids to eat with taxes cos your to lazy to work or your father of the kids isnt around , sick of this shit …

          1. You really need to go on the Department of Justice crime statistics website. Nowhere in America are thousands of white women being raped daily by black men. Nowhere in America are thousands of white people being killed daily by any race. The vast majority of violent crimes are intra-racial not interracial, meaning both the victim and perp were the same race. In fact, the vast majority of violent crime happens between people who know each other. This idea you have that all across America white people are falling victim to black criminals is pure fantasy and delusion. It’s also a very old racist myth that has never been supported by the facts and statistics. It’s straight out of Birth of a Nation. BTW, These aren’t media statistics, they are police statistics, you know, the guys you think can do no wrong.
            Also a fact: there are more white people on welfare than black people. Your idea that your taxes are supporting a lazy African American population unwilling to work is also a very old racist falsehood.
            Finally, what does it say about your morals and your understanding of American rights and American jurisprudence that you think 16 year olds with criminal records deserve to be executed on the street– no judge, no jury, no trial– just a swift random execution? A history of robbery does not warrant death. Even if the kid had a gun, (which is questionable) the police should have been able to defuse the situation and if they really felt threatened, shoot to maim not to kill.
            What is wrong with the people celebrating this kids death as a good thing? You all are sick animals and dont deserve to be part of civilized society. Please do not procreate.

      3. I think before we make assumptions about this young boy we need all the facts first!! We all know if he had a gun and pointed at the cops he was going to be kill thats the way the streets are but what if he didn’t have a gun and got killed by cops then that is a problem..

      4. How do you know? were you there? I am betting the cops were just total asses as it sounds like they have been for way too long Wake up America it is time to rise and fight back and take our country and freedoms back.

      5. You gotta be kidding with this response …moving on

        The citizens need to take their rights back. The entire NYC needs to be out there and up in arms.

      6. How dare you refer to someone’s child as a little shit! What or who gave you the right to come out of your mouth and call him a derogatory name?!?!? You have got a whole lotta nerve! You have no idea what it’s like to live in East Flatbush. I grew up there & let me tell you, you don’t have to carry a gun or terrorize people( your words not mine) for the stinking, dirty police to harass you! I remember coming from school, in my uniform by the way @ the age of 13 & being stopped & searched by the cops!!! I wasn’t a menace in any way, shape or form. My brother was literally assassinated on the streets of East New York 22 years ago & he wasn’t carrying a gun, never did actually. Soooo, what does that make him? You are truly an ignoramus that seems to lack basic comprehension !!! Shm…UNREAL!!!!

        1. The record the little $hit has for one. The gun he was carrying and pointed at the cops for another. the turh is just too hard to take isn’t it? Sounds like your brother didn’t deserve what he got and I’m sorry for that. This little thuglet did.

      7. You are wrong. Police have a saying “you may beat the rap but you won’t beat the ride.” Meaning they will arrest you whehn innocent if they want, at least you get taken in to the station.

        1. Obviously this man has not read the constitution.. We have the right to protest, it is in the bill of rights. The untied states is due for another civil war. It is time to stand up and fight for what is right. Government and the police officers are way out if control. Obama must be stopped or we are all screwed. The time has come people. Wake up America!!

          1. Are you saying that Obama send them idiots police officers to do all of this damage, really…what is wrong with people today. I hope that when he is out, something happens to one of your family members, then you can say its the new President who made it happen…

          2. I’m so tired of whack job idiots like you that turn EVER SINGLE GOD DAMN PROBLEM into something Obama is to blame for. Some dipshit police officers killed an innocent kid and you want to blame it on the president? Are you fucking serious? Get a god damn grip on reality and stop injecting so much of your political agenda into every situation.

      8. It’s a shame that this is what life is coming to. When a cop (racist) at that, can actually post such filth. You sir are what I call the anti-christ, a child of the devil. What if the tables were turned and that was your child that was killed by cops with no moral bones in their souls, would you then see the picture from the other side. You know, just by your language on this page you should lose your badge because you show that your heart is full of hatred. I pray for your soul, remember what filth you are spewing from hour mouth will come back to you 10 folds.

          1. Wow…lets kill everyone who acts like a thug…please protect your little ones, because they might be the first one to act like a thug and get the slug…I wonder where is Hitler, you guys are making him look good right about now.

        1. Fuck you. When was the last time you saw a white murder’s parents drone on TV about how innocent their little baby was, or instigate riots in the streets after their serial killer son was killed?

          Thug culture worships criminals, get these people on a boat out of America.

      9. You, person, cannot spell, have no syntax, and have missed the point entirely of the whole sordid affair. You must be a cop.

      10. POPO is clearly a paid shill. Trying to say things that get people riled up. POPO is a fascist sympathizer and is being paid to do harm to the citizens of the US by being an ignorant sellout.
        PS- you spelled comprehension wrong. Also, Neil and Barbara Bush own the No Child Left Behind testing material, so you should maybe write them an angry letter using all caps.

      11. Your use of capitalization makes you an obviously credibly source. Please scream more facts at me. I wish to learn your ways.

      12. “comprehention” as you write it, is written with an “s”, spelling out the correct spelling of the word, “comprehension”. Did you know this kid ? Who are you to say all that he did ? Did you live in this neighborhood ? Where do you get your “facts” from, since you went to school ?

        1. If you’re going to attack someone’s spelling, you should try to be pretty flawless yourself. You’re not supposed to put a space between the last word of the sentence and the question mark.

      13. You present a valid point, but turn off the caps lock. Anytime someone posts a comment in all caps, it makes them sound like a raging 12-year-old.

      14. What? Why are the police shooting so many unarmed people? Why are the beating up people just because they don’t like them? Shouldn’t the police not murder or assault people?

      15. If the boy was not a threat to the police, he would not have been shot. The police were black and hispanic, so race did not play a role in this. They were also not in uniform, so the boy probably did not know he was pointing a gun at cops. I’m sure he has done the same thing to people on the streets before, as his past convictions would lead one to believe. If these were normal civilians and not cops defending themselves, how would you expect them to react? Many of the witnesses are unreliable as well, being his friends and family. They have not provided a reason for why the police opened fire on the boy, which seems very guilty to me. Even if he did not brandish a weapon at the police, I would not say they are at fault. Being the area, the situation and not being in uniform, they legitimately saw themselves in danger when the boy, according to his friends “was only fiddling with his waistband” and acted accordingly. If you don’t want to end up in a circumstance like this, you should avoid this kind of situation at all costs, like most of us do. Don’t hang out with bad crowds, in bad neighbourhoods, at bad times. This was bound to happen, and could have been avoided if he had made different life choices. Rather than blame the police and riot, there should be fundraisers held in his name to help children stay out of this kind of lifestyle and avoid being shot. That would be the right thing to do to make a positive change out of this sad situation.

        1. Heh, the first comment that is a different point of view from the majority of comments that’s actually well thought out and not racist. I applaud you even though I disagree with your view.

        2. Thank you for speaking civilly about this, but you weren’t there and neither was I. Even if he was shot because the cops were in danger AND an uncontrolled riot began without any other provocation (though I am saying that did or didn’t happen), the use of a state of emergency in order to suppress this riot so utterly and completely that freedom of speech and press, as well as the right to assembly are barred to these people is certainly and undeniably wrong. As for the rest, maybe all these cops are bigoted assholes who want to kill every poor or black person. Some of them probably are to one degree or another, but just as that kid was someone’s dear child, maybe some of these cops are beloved parents who feel they need to protect their children from this violence or do their duty to justice. Again, weather or not they have a warped sense of justice is immaterial, calling cops animals is just as bigoted as calling black people animals.

        3. I don’t agree that the race of the cops means race wasn’t a factor. You don’t have to be white to have bought into racist ideas that suggest that a group of black kids standing on the corner together must be up to no good, or to think that a black kid adjusting his waistline probably has a gun. Or to think that a black kid with a gun poses mortal danger and must be out down like a dog. Nonwhite police officers are sometimes the most violent ones towards nonwhite suspects. It happens. We are all taught to think of black youth as thugs whose lives are not as valuable as white children’s. Some of us buy into it, some of us don’t. It’s hard to imagine some white suburban kid, and lets say he had a gun and a criminal record, being shot in the street by the police. Wouldn’t happen. They would try to talk the kid down, tell him to put the gun down, they’d go out of their way to end the situation peacefully, and if they truly felt threatened maybe they’d shoot the kid in the leg or the arm, once. One bullet. Not eleven. Why? Because society says that kid’s life holds value. Also I disagree with what you say about bad kids and bad neighborhoods. This kid was in his own neighborhood. He’s not supposed to be where he lives? He was with his friends. That shouldn’t warrant police suspicion in the first place.
          You think if the kid wasn’t a threat he wouldn’t have been shot. I think you need to read up on the history of the nypd. Their word doesn’t make it true, they lie all the time. Read Marilyn Johnson’s book street justice.

      16. It seems that comprehension isn’t necessarily the problem. Critical thinking seems to be in short supply. All you are saying is This is This and That is That. There are thousands of cases of police harassing people all over America. From my hear, the NYPD is much worse than most of the other police forces. The police are trained on how to diffuse a situation. They’re there to keep citizens safe. In this case, they failed to do what they were supposed to and a kid died at their mistake. This person was killed by seven gunshots to the back. That means the suspect was turned away and posing little threat. The police should shoot to disarm, meaning shoot for the leg or the arm, not the back and vital organs. Police are also trained on how to use a gun, so they can aim pretty well, a one shot kill would be no problem. The suspect got seven bullets.
        In the long run, the who, what, when, where, how and why are irrelevant, so I’ll spell it out for you: P-O-L-I-C-E B-R-U-TA-L-I-T-Y -I-S A G-R-O-W-I-N-G -T-R-E-N-D.

      17. You ignorant mother f-er. The media said that Obama grew up In Kenya Africa does that make it true? No. Get your shit straight before you go preaching to the people. Shame on you.

      18. Look everybody is giving you a hard time because you made a few really basic mistakes. #1. You used CAPS in the entire comment, only grandparents and assholes do this. #2. You started with the word “Clearly” and then followed with something empirically incorrect. Every precinct has officers who abuse their power, its called police corruption and its a huge problem. “Clearly” is a powerful word, be careful with this in the future. #3. You state “THE KID HAD A GUN….” No one knows this except for a few people who were there…were you there? Whether he did has not been proven, yet he was shot seven times. By law it will be investigated and all of us here understand your deep respect for the law, so a bit early for THATS WHAT HAPPENED NOTHING MORE NOTHING LESS, wouldn’t you say? #4. To suggest someone go back to school to learn comprehension but misspell the operative word is a big mistake if you want your thoughts to carry weight, otherwise you could come off as a real jackass who knows little to nothing and then no one on the internet will take you seriously.

      19. I would agree with the officers except for the fact that the report states “After that shooting, police went to all the surrounding delis and confiscated their surveillance videos.” If the shooting had occurred in self-defense, then the videos would have supported the officers testimony. Also consider the recent statistic that states “8x more likely to be shot by a police officer then a terrorist” in the USA conducted by The National Center for Health Statistics and the U.S. Census Bureau. When police can freeze the Constitutional rights during a “peaceful protest” to beat and arrest people, a dark era is sure to follow.

      20. typing in all caps makes you just as much a asshole as people who believe that cops only mess with people who break the law. Tell me what was the man doing in San Fransico with cuffs on that warrented a cop to pull his gun and shoot him?

      21. going back to school could be good for too , then you can brush up on your sentence structure and grammar

      22. Wait..i thought laws where meant to be broken? Don’t you guys think that the government is tyrannical and people need to have guns to arm themselves against police and soldiers?

      23. That’s actually false. Youtube is full of videos of police bashing you girls, little boys, old ladies who did nothing. AND CAPS LOCK MAKES YOU LOOK STUPID.

      24. Ah…I see now. Internet troll. He’s some asshat that is getting his jollies posting under different names to get people rilled up.

      25. You’re just a troll. Even if that bullshit you’re saying is true, why are you so happy to talk shit about some poor fuckin dead little kid. Scumbag.

      26. Thank you sir, cops are not the bad guys, sure their are some rotten cops out there, but just because we have guns and arrest people that does not make us evil, would u rather have us, or gangsters running around in the streets having there own “justice”?

    2. Cops have been de facto above the law since before most cops were born. Our rights are legal fictions. The physical reality is that any cop can take his anger out on any of us by killing us with impunity.

        1. *Uniformed insult accusing someone of something that makes absolutely no sense. Obligatory whining about the government and their evil schemes to enslave us all. Requisite comment about Ron Paul and the constitution/freedumb/liberty/blah blah/same old bullshit.

          I think I’ve covered every comment here, can we move on to the actual facts now?

  2. The “young lady” in this photo is a Cop Watcher – An unpaid volunteer who was recording the police interactions with the public (Which is legal to do in NYC) as you can tell by the picture she was assualted by the NYPD. She later laid in a fetal position where the same officer held onto her hair and continued his assualt. She was then arrested and charged with a felony assault on the officer. There where other Cop Watch members arround who recorded this entire interaction from start to finish.

  3. When will the people pick up arms. Seriously. Lets see the NYPD go against all of NYC. Make them cowards run for their lives.

    1. About time someone said that, if constitutional rights are suspended, and the police are granted there authority in some ways from the constitution, it is time the residence of flatbush and brooklyn policed there own streets. the loiters and trespassers are now the “police”, their badge means nothing, teach them what marshal law means.

  4. HMMM. No mention of the “Citizens” throwing bricks at the cops faces, or the “Citizens” destroying stores in their own neigborhoods. I wonder why?

    1. that was not the story it was the police doing fucked up shit and if thats all you can see then you have a problem and if you are a tax payer then you should know the police are wasting your tax dollerd by policeing outher states and countrys with your money and they are bigger than the fbi why do they need to be bigger than the fbi thay dont new york is not that big

    2. If the citizens are doing as you say Kelvin, they should be dealt with according to the law – by the Courts. It is not the police’s job to deal out arbitrary “justice” on those they dislike or feel threatened by.

    3. But they where cops. IE the government. What about the second amendment and all that? Aren’t citizens supposed to stand up to tyrants? Even shooting them if necessary to protect their rights? Isn’t that what conservatives have been fighting over since Sandy Hook?

  5. You pull a gun on a NYC Police Officer, you get killed. That’s how it is supposed to be. Shall I remind all of you of Det. McDonald who back in the 1980’s was shot by a 15 year old. Det McDonald has spent the rest of his life on a respirator wheel chair bound. Lickily that 15 year old did his time and weeks after release from prison was killed in a motorcycle wreck. Strange how these things work themselves out.

    But anyway it makes no difference, Crown Heights, Washington Heights, East Flatbush, 1991, 1992, or 2013. It’s all the same nonsense going on on the same street corners, just different faces.


      1. But can you trust them or are they willing to say whatever? This is a tough situation due to the fact both sides are covering their own butts. Also, seeing as grammar is a huge deal here I apologize if I messed up on my phone.

  7. The Desk of The National Commander:
    I can say that 45 years ago Min.Malcolm X Said The Year of the Ballot or The Bullet.
    But 30 years afther that My Mentor and Revolutionary Father Dr.Khallid Muhammad,
    said the Year of the Bullet or The Bullet.
    In 2013 I say this is the Time of The Bullet or The Bomb Action has No Seasons.

    History is all our studies.
    The Most Attrctive, and best Qualified to Reward our Research.
    The only way you are going to stop Police Brutality in our Community By Organizing Black self-Defense groups Black People’sMilitia’s/Black Armies)That are Dedicated of Defending our Black Nation from Racist,Fascist Police/Military Oppression and Brutality Be Black or White Kill at Will In self-Defense.

    The Second Amendment of White Amerika’s Comstitution gives a right to Bear Arms.
    It also says A well regulated Militia,being The Necessary to the security of a free state,the right of the people to keep and bear Arms,shall not be infringed.
    We therefore believe that Black People should Unite and form Arm self-Defense Fronts.
    We The New Black Militia Believe In Peace when it Possible,But Violence said it Necessary In Self-Defense.
    Power To The People!

    1. Please start rioting, nigger! It’ll be fun to start lynching and shooting niggers on sight. You niggers want war, it’ll come to your subhuman asses!

      1. Paaaaauuuuuuuullllll, I thought we talked about this. There is nothing wrong with your mother swallowing gallons of semen that has been sprayed into her mouth and on her person by numerous African American men. That is what she loves; it is what gives her life meaning. You getting so bent out of shape over your mother’s sexual preferences is really a bit juvenile and close-minded, don’t you agree?

  8. State of “Exception”; martial law by any other name would be just as illegal. I’m disappointed in some of the comments I read, particularly those who believe that the police basically “own” the streets and that, if we are good little sheeple, they won’t hurt us. I’m sorry that such people believe in bowing down at the alter of the state, but then they can worship as they choose. As long as police forces are allowed to get away with this type of behavior, without any personal punishment for any of them, it will continue.

  9. USA: the country of sheep, where citizens dont really care that their basic human rights are being taken away from them.

    1. And at the same time, can’t think for themselves and resort to rioting when something bad happens, making a bad situation worse. Isn’t safety and security also a basic human right? Are they not taking that away from the people they cross when rioting?

  10. Popo ur a ignorant piece of shit u and the nypd are the lil shits that need to be wiped off the face of this planet

          1. lol no, you’re not an Indian. An Indian knows the Earth has no borders and to Indians the concept of “illegal immigrant” is totally foreign. You’re white.

          2. Haha! And, you suck.
            And you’re full of hate.
            And bad words.
            And you suck.
            And you’re a hater.
            Jim bob the Indian haha!

          3. any “indian” knows they dont consider emselves indian… they call emselves navajo, hopi, zuni, pima, etc. etc. so get ur facts right dumbass… and any “indian” who thinks planet Earth has no boundaries is as dumb as ur arguing is

  11. The National Command Center of The New Black Liberation Militia!
    To Enforce The Accountability In Law Enforcement:
    We dont respect the Police In our community who dont show proper respect for our community.We dont repect those In Authority In Misconduct of that authority in our community.
    We the New Black Militia Will Mobilze and Organize a People’s Militia for an end to What The Police is doing In New York of this Brutality and Murder of our People.
    We will stop the Police In our Community and elswhere,of the disrespect of the Human Rigth of our people and their Constitutional rights.
    We strive for community Police review Board’s with the legal Power to seek Indictments,to Punish and Discipline Rogue Police Officers.

    We command full Accountabillty of the Police to the Black Citizen of the Black Community.
    We will Monitor and Observe the Police according to the Law.
    We stand in our Divine and Natual and legal rights to Arm self-Defense after 460 years of Murder and abuse.
    Power To The People,& The Oppressed People of The Earth!

    The National Commander
    Your Bro.& Seravnt To The People
    Min.Prince Na’jee

    1. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    2. so great start a race war when were about to be in areal war dumb fucks thats why ur known for not thinkin ahead

      1. And you’re the racist, for this comment you just made. AND for the comment you made on illegal immigrant Miguel.

    1. I fully agree with your statement. Someone needs to be policing the police. Having been inside of a “Frozen Zone” before I can tell you, the things that happen are beyond “fucked up”. I have seen, on both coasts, the atrocities that the police create under the banner of “Protect and Serve”. We need an uprising. We need a peoples media. We need to stand up and take back this land that was once ours, but has been stripped from us by the Corporations and the Banks and the corrupt Political System that is for the 1% by the 1%. Bring back a healthy middle class and bring back safety in the streets! This is just the beginning… There was a similiar incident in Anaheim CA not too long ago, where a child was shot in the back, and Anaheim 5-0 called in the military to deal with protesters. People who were doing nothing but walking and holding signs were subjected to Guns pointed in their face, along with mass arrests and extreme physical force. It is time we stop this. Rise up in your communities and spread the word. The tide is changing. The people shall overcome as they have before.

  12. renee and miguel you are both biased douchebags and the best parts of you must have ran down your mothers leg, the kid is a gang member carrying a gun , you dillusional fools , without cops you two would of never got to keep any of your lunch money , so shut up with your anti cop rhetoric, 1 less budding robber criminal for taxpayers to pay for, so didnt they do their jobs ? read the kids rap sheet before you open your asshat mouths, BTW his photo was 4 years old…

  13. This is so sad. A loss of life is always very tragic. What’s important here is that the elephant in the room is being exposed. How much longer do citizens have to walk around knowing that at any given moment their rights as humans will be impeded on? Here in Atlantic City, we just had a case in December of a young man, Derek Mack (18) being shot and killed by Atlantic City police in broad daylight. Evidence has been suppressed and the people are being intimidated. So I commend this neighborhood for defending their beliefs/rights and not allowing this issue to be swept under the rug. My college professor told me or rather posed the question that, “why after 400 years, have we not found a way to deal with the police”?. & now everybody is talking gun control; it’ll be open season then…

  14. Stop and frisk is typical police behavior in New York, Boston and other areas of our country. Police, as agents of those in political power, are violating the constitutional rights of the people and this corporate state facism must be resisted.

  15. You know, the NYPD has got a record for some of the most blatant discriminatory and abusive practices in the entire country, with only the LAPD beating them out just recently with their whole Dorner fiasco.
    But THIS story. THIS seems a bit different to me. Considering the history of this little POS, and the fact that he was carrying a .357 magnum revolver, I’m finding it hard to believe the cops just blatantly murdered him. It sounds more like they happened to be in the right place at the right time to catch this thug before he could do anything, confronted him, he went all thug on them and got shot for his stupidity.
    If this is actually true, that he was carrying a weapon and brandished it at them, wouldn’t THAT be a reason to shoot first? If any of you make this kid a martyr when he was carrying a weapon and brandished it at the cops, that THAT type of behavior is acceptable in society and not to be berated and ridiculed as bad, then YOU are the real problem with this country’s police being as they are towards people like yourselves and have no one, NO ONE to blame but yourselves for these types of situations happening on such a frequent basis as they do. Want to stop this crap from happening? Quit embracing a culture that glorifies the exact same thing you are all so upset about. Act the thug, expect the slug. Either from another thug or the cops. Life’s little realities really suck don’t they?

    1. Your “realities” aren’t anything but yours. Who said this land belonged to this culture ? This land was taken by force and by the gun by outsiders from another land who was either fleeing another armed band or looking to make profit. This land belongs to the people who cared most for it, whom we call natives until today. Corporations governments and landowners are parasites stealing the Earth’s resources and abusing them for profit, enslavement, oppression, power, control. America is the worst force to exist on the planet continuing the Roman/ European domineering Empire causing mass hunger, poverty, death, drastic inequalities, corruption, climate change, torture, class warfare, brainwash etc… The land belongs to its original people who aren’t the ones who invented the gun. If this kid had a gun it is because the gun was invented by someone, and who invented the gun? No one said you owned the land, therefore no one elected the police or agreed for police to even exist. Police are humans. They are mandated by a people who have nothing to do on this soil as it has never been theirs. If America had been a model of virtue, it would be different. But America has wrought only but distress. Your realities aren’t real, they are a state of things.

  16. Unreal these posts…truly. Massively uninformed, completely hate biased against any form of law enforcement, and absolutely zero responsibility towards the looting and rioting after the fact. What…a peaceful protest isn’t good enough…you have to break windows, rob stores, and throw bricks? Yeah…that’s responsible action at it’s finest. I’m no “cop lover” and I’m not law enforcement, however, if the child HAD a weapon in his possession and it was pointed at an officer, then his being shot is justifiable. The boy had a rap sheet a mile long, that’s a fact, not supposition, fact. He was a known member of a violent gang, again…fact. Then you have this pseudo bullshit Black Panther movement guy posting how they’re going to hold the NYPD accountable?? Right…because they have “The Power”…right. OK…that worked real well in the past didn’t it? Unreal. Remember those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Just my two UNBIASED cents.





    1. Yeah, yeah – everybody be scared of some crackpot conspiracy theory. You know, people have been spouting off the same bullshit since the end of the Third Reich, and guess what – the Fourth One never came. It’s never going to come. Take the blue pill, Neo, and come back to reailty.

      *Obligatory comment about this group or that group, or America, or whatever needs to stand up/rise up/come up/what the fuck ever and take back their liberty/freedom/rights/another what the fuck ever everyone is whining about.

      Oh, and another endorsement for Ron Paul….because is the guy….who…umm…can do….the thing….with the other thing…for the stuff…and whatever.


      Do you really have nothing better to do?

      1. This story depresses the hell out of me. The comments by some of the people with whom I share a complexion depressed me more. Thanks for making me laugh, though, ABG.
        best of luck ppl of NYC.

  18. from what I have read. Those officers that did the shooting were in plain clothes. I know that if I was in a place entrenched inner-city and 2 random guys on the street hollered to me “hey you”. I might just seek to walk off the other direction, especially if they were in a relatively lunging notion toward me…those cops made a stupid formulation of appproach and likely their attempt at quick thinking got a kid killed

  19. The cops should just pull out of the area completely. Let the people protest I would be will to bet nearly anything that that area of Brooklyn would burn to the ground in a week and the problem would be solved. There is a major problem in the black community with unchecked aggression. Look at the fight videos on world star hip hop. Look at YouTube and you’ll see a video of the ” victim” assaulting someone and taking their chain for wearing the wrong colors. This 16 year old had ben arrested 5 times for various offenses. And the only people saying he didn’t have a gun are his gang banger friends. People complain that the police are killing black youth when really it is black youth killing black youth. But you don’t see the black community protesting gang violence in Chicago. The truth is that black people are exercising a self fulfilling prophecy that a black can’t get a head and the police are just racists.

  20. If the young man was unarmed that would be a homcide. However, if he pulled a gun on the police everyone might as well go home because the shooting will be justified.

  21. I pray for the people in NY. Some of the toughest, smartest people are there. Although i did get robbed there, i should have minded my own business. More and more people are dying at the hands of the police and money does nt buy what it used to. Jobs are hard to find. Rent, tolls, food, gas, education and blood pressure keeps going up and wages keep going down or staying the same. Laws get passed to the benefit the corporations and restrict the average person. At the same time the cops and government are requiring the public to disarm while they fortify their weapons, ammunition and fortresses. Like Obama care if you like it or not you will be forced by law to abide by it or suffer penalties but Congress and the president are exempt from it. Do you still think we have a government for the people by the people? History will show that the DEA, ATF , the police and other law enforcement will be the purveyors of evil much like Nazi’s. Its time to man up and be real, stand up and let them know how you feel.

  22. You New York faggots deserve this. We tried to warn you when they came for your salt, when they came for your large size sodas, when they came from your guns. Bend over for Big Brother and take it up the ass. You earned this. Fucking leftist retards.

  23. Article 1 Section 8 says Congress has the power to call in the milita NOT the Police Department.

    Someone file a habeas corpus on behalf of the people inside these zones please.

  24. Pigs! American police state proof. Restore all rights that have been removed. Make them need a warrant to search your car once again.

    Make them have to read you your rights and abide by those rights.

    Make telling any lie in any court instant job loss.

    Make tell any lie to anyone in custody a felony.

    Violation of civil rights by police a possible death penalty.
    Much like treason.

    Every death in custody no mater if police or prisoner on prisoner, family is paid for wrongful death.

    District attorney can not talk to any prisoner just his lawyer.

    If on appeal you win with new lawyer the public pretender has to refund his charges
    for such fail.


  25. I know nothing of the situation except what I have read here…..however, common sense tells me that the media are being kept out for some reason. If people do not want what they are doing known, they should not be doing it…… … Why are the police keeping the media out?

    1. Probably because it seems the media will twist anything, and always take a side. It seems, from what media I have read, that they are not taking sides with the police and are in fact inciting more rioting. The citizens are going about this the wrong way! Take this sad situation and make it into something good, fundraise to help children not get into this kind of lifestyle. Make a difference as a group, so you can actually root out the bad, abusive police by having your community be safe and follow the laws. Don’t give them excuses to use like “he had a gun” “he was a threat”. Be good and do good and it will be obvious when you have corrupt police.

  26. The Poster named POPO is a TROLL …says the negative for a response..

    the Police dept is taking advantage of their power….of the people their supposed to “protect and serve” are they above the law??? …are they better than you or me? should their children be harassed the same way they harass other children?

    They are a gang….If one a good officer says nothing while a bad officer does his dirt…is he any better?? …when did officers begin to fight to stay above the law…instead of fighting for justice

  27. Mayor Bloomberg and Commish Ray Kelly

    Cosign this type of behavior……They know what is going on….
    NYPD has no respect for its citizens

  28. most of you are freaking liberal homos who always blame the damn cops for anything… you homos forget one thing. what is the first thing you fucking guys do? dial freaking 911 when you need cops. do not tell me cops do not do anything. I also read a comment about someone paying cops salaries. all I can say is that probably you wanted to be one but you could not make it. you are not out there putting your life in danger every single day especially in new york. no cop out there knows if it’s his/her last day seeing family/kids. in contrary, it would not be a big deal if the cops were shot dead. they got no families, no kids, no life. it would not matter to you fucking liberals. it is just an insult to every law enforcement officer out there acting like a bunch stupid liberal homos.

    1. Yeah say homo one more time you thick easily manipulated conservative fuck. You haven’t made it entirely clear just what an abject useless waste of limp dicked idiocy you are.

  29. for the ignorant ppl saying he pulled a gun on the officers…then why was he shot in THE BACK …why did they need 11 shots???…these cops either have remarkable reflexes and deserve a award or………………………….

  30. Isnt it sad we see stuff and allow it! The ones who can stop it are made impotent by there greed and those that put them in power and control the strings!
    How is the president, all the way down to the local newspaper boy so inept in doing the right thing?
    Its only about $ control the poor and you make more money….fact!
    Where is the News? Oh yeah, they are also controlled….

  31. Some of the stuff you people say is pretty messed up. You try to defend the boy that was shot, but at the same time bash anyone with an opinion opposing you’re own ; and that isn’t right. Also, even if the kid pulled a gun on the officers, he would have most likely been facing them, so why was he shot in the back? Why was he shot 7 times at that? shooting some one 7 times seems like blatant over kill. Also, responding to some ones comment on the race of the officers, just because they were Latino or African American does not mean that they can’t be racist or have hateful feelings for the people of that area.

    1. I totally agree with Victoria here. NYPD are trained (albeit unnecessarily to a point) to be aggressive because if they are not, they will get walked all over by local gangs, etc. From what it sounds like, the kid had prior convictions, was being a menace to society in general, and ran in a gang. Look, of course if you pull out a gun in a neighborhood, there’s STILL A CHANCE YOU COULD GET A GUN PULLED ON YOU, EVEN IF ITS NOT THE COPS. He pulled the gun on the cops, the cops pull out their guns, and in the split second that the kid is running away the NYPD respond as they’re trained to do against gang members, etc. It’s not that complicated. Don’t pull out your gun against people– they might have guns as well, and they may or may not be cops. It could have been any retaliating person pulling out a gun and shooting in self defense, but it happens to be the cops, who already have a bad rap in Brooklyn. It seems to me like the cops were trying to fight back against some punk with a gun, and in turn had to shoot him. Obviously this is not a great situation, but it is realistic, for what happens in the area. You can’t save them all.


    by our societals bull shit inconsiderations about HUMANITY

    we the people
    we the people
    we the people
    we the people
    fucking provide
    we the people
    collide with the sky
    we the people
    are important.

    fuck all of this

    do what you want people
    do what you want
    fuck the police

    and fuck the systems that control our abilites to decide

  33. Cop’s can do what ever they want Remember they are in POWER. You can bitch and wine all you want but our lobbyists will over turn all of the citizens. We Took Down Manifesto And Will Come After You If Need Be. Keep Quiet And Go On With Your Daily Lives

  34. It is not the children that let us down.
    It is their world/society that has let them down.
    When it gets to this point you have to know the CHILDREN are not responsible.

    Police can be very brutal and this should be better monitored.

    My heart goes out the the family of this child and any others that have suffered through the heavy hand of what seems now our life/law.

  35. The people behind these protests are just flat out ignorant and ridiculous. The whole department isn’t racist ya knobs. Judging many over the actions of a few is the same discrimination that leads to racism, so essentially you’re being hypocritical AND completely counter-productive. All you’re doing is causing more harm and getting more people arrested. You want to change something, then don’t bother with petty policemen, go ahead and write your senators or show up at state governing meetings, or any other political councils where you can take the stand, voice your word, and make a difference. Running around the streets, shouting and chanting, is just leaving room for the possibility of encounters with the police. Then buttons get pushed, emotions get tested, and that will just lead to fights, murders, and god knows what else. Put down your stupid sticks and ignorance and trade them for a pen and intelligence.

    1. Nobody is protesting racism though. They are angry about what they wholly perceive as murder without justice. So you are kind of going off on a tangent. Which I will join you on, to say that institutional racism exists and is not even the result of individual people being discriminatory. It’s our slow transition from colonial society into whatever the future holds. Finally, protesting is more than most of us are even capable of doing for a cause we believe in.

      Have a great day!

  36. what a load of crapioca this article is…. totally reactionary and juvenile.

    The kid had a gun. Cops shoot people with guns. Where is the big injustice here? If it were any other state… oh, say New Mexico for example it wouldn’t even be news.

    NYC police are under a microscope. If you think they are taking advantage of power you’ve never been in a threatening situation (mostly due to the excellent jobs NYPD are doing)

  37. There is a whole lot wrong with all of this: First how can someone point a gun and get shot in the back? Do the nypd have those new guns used in the military and by spies? You the ones that can shoot around corners! Second for anyone to say this young man deserved what he got no one deserves this. Third I don’t know what part of the country some of you live in but it must contain a giant bubble and you spend most of your time in it. Fourth and last @ the man who used the term liberal homos you’re an idiot!

  38. …. This is madness… although all of this is happening real time is a distraction… and a test for something bigg… all cops around. nation have form some kind of faction … mean notice everything happening at one .. don’t blind yourselves with all of this … tomorrow …. or today is a big day

  39. Quite a biased run down of what is going on.

    I watched a live stream of what happened Wednesday night. The police acted with A LOT of restraint. The crowd was ‘trying’ to get out of control and police were trying to keep them calm, as in: not lighting fires or hurting innocents, a la South LA. The police endured a lot of verbal assault and stayed under control. They arrested the loud mouths who were screaming obscenities and getting wound up. There were so many people there, it could’ve gotten out of control quickly. PS. The crowd was mixed race, as was the police force.

  40. That’s funny.. I don’t break the law.. I don’t have any problems with the police… Hmm I wonder how that works?! I don’t seem to have any “freedom” complexes either. Maybe the people here complaining should stand back and maybe have a look at how they’re managing their lives?

  41. QuiGonBong said on March 15, 2013 at 4:05 am:
    “Considering the type of people that were shown rioting over this, and the look and history of the kid himself”

    You are aware of the fact that first they come for people you do not like nor approve of, and then they come for me in my suit and my luxury sedan – yes?

    Free Speech needs to be protected when it IS the MOST offensive.
    Rights of those that you DISLIKE the MOST must be protected as you are next.
    First it’s these people and then it’s guys like me in my suit and tie and 100k auto.

  42. You think this is bad? Just wait ten years. America will go through the same phases as the Roman Empire did before it collapsed, albeit in a more modern fashion.

  43. It is unfortunate that those who are riotously protesting are acting on MISINFORMATION about the young man who was shot by police.

    A person who identified herself as the young man’s cousin told the police at the scene that he was only carrying the gun HE HAD for a friend.
    The young man had a LENGTHY criminal record for serious crimes including previous gun possession.
    THE AUTOPSY REPORT said that the young man was shot 4 times in the front and 3 shots in the back, NOT seven shots to the back as it is claimed to incite people.
    It is not a crackdown on peaceful protest, but stopping rioting that the police take especially severe responses, to protect the public.

  44. And no one in the area has yet taken up arms… sheeple being led to slaughter, only kicking after they are pushed off the platform and into the killing machine.

  45. You will never get the truth out of the witnesses or the police, so I am not commenting on something I don’t have facts on. What I will say is the police need someone policing them, and we need it in a bad way. I can’t speak for other areas but for the 5 borough’s and long island they are out of control. They can do whatever they want and don’t follow the laws they are supposed to enforce.

    1. The NYPD is so fucking overzealous Ill agree with you on that. Ever since 911 shit has gone down the fucking hill. Record low crime rates in the boroughs though, at what cost?

  46. “we the sheep,protected by wolves,and led by pigs” seems the fear/propaganda generator is having the desired effect on this society….. uuuggghh,bleccchhh, I fear my society more and more……

  47. No one should have the power to deny anybody their constitutional rights. This includes the police and the government. But if you ask me my honest opinion. I think NWA said it best… Fuck The Police… Anyone that thinks because they have a badge and gun can be above the law should be put in their place. They should have no more power than any other citizen. Our judicial system is broken and in need of serious repair.

  48. Why does everyone have to be intolerant so god damn always. Not every police officer is racist and not every black person is a criminal to blame the situation on any demographic is absurd. Plenty of cops die doing the right thing and deserve the respect of a nation. Other cops shoot innocent people because they are racist. Others shoot innocent people because they are scared. Statistic from Fox News article in October stated that 85% of police shootings occur when simple directions are not followed, and thats a right wing news source. Cops have a purpose, without them things would be much shittier, however, they are very imperfect, thats the sacrifice we make by living in this country. Deal with it.

  49. “I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that his justice cannot sleep forever.” – Thomas Jefferson
    “When the people fear the government there is tyranny, when the government fears the
    people there is liberty.” – Thomas Jefferson
    “Whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends [i.e., securing inherent and inalienable rights, with powers derived from the consent of the governed], it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles, and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness.” –Thomas Jefferson: Declaration of Independence, 1776
    “We shall match your capacity to inflict suffering by our capacity to endure suffering. We will meet your physical force with soul force. Do to us what you will; we will still love you. We cannot in conscience obey your unjust laws. Non-cooperation with evil is as much a moral obligation as cooperation with good.
    “The power of the Executive to cast a man into prison without formulating any charge known to the law, and participatory to deny him the judgment of his peers, is in the highest degree odious and is the foundation of all totalitarian government whether nazi or communist.” Winston Churchill

  50. I’m not a cop, but if you pull a gun on me you’d better be faster and more accurate than I am. That kid died because he was stupid, and it’s a shame, but stupid has always had consequences. No cop, or anyone else in his right mind, is going to just stand there and be a target.

  51. The comments in response are as disturbing as what NYPD is doing. He pulled a gun? Are we sure? We are sure that he was shot multiple times, three in the back. We know police have had a hard-on (sexual connotation intended) for arresting young black males for years. We know police have LIED UNDER OATH to protect the blue line. The kettling of individuals practicing their constitutional rights is a proven way to suspend and arrest. And then they want a media blackout? I say burn every last trigger happy cop wearing blue. Black and white, piss on their still warm bodies and fuck their corpses. Burn the kike jew bloomberg. Obliterate the nigger scum rioting and looting, diluting the bigger police state message. I hate all of you and I have no regard for fucks like you without the sense to make a change for the better.

  52. there are plenty caucasians that get beat down and killed by police too just because the kid had a history doesn’t mean he deserved to get shot there is white dysfunctional children too big time

  53. I am saving this thread…..Next time some jackwagon calls those of us in the south raciest..all this hate coming from the center of tolerance! From the center of the high and mighty..sounds like ya’ll need to clean up your act and get out of the 18th century

  54. I am a white male who lives in brooklyn, The corruption I have witnessed executed by the NYPD these past 15 years is appalling.
    The NYPD make no mistake is the biggest gang in the world.

    They get away with murder, They will kill your dog, traumatize your kids and shit on your rights..

    I have been victimized twice by these pigs as also given a criminal record, Why do I have a criminal record?

    Because these pigs were arresting a girl I knew who did absolutely nothing, She found a phone which these pigs planted.
    They Heard us walking and talking about posting it on craigslist lost and found but what fucks do they give they are trying to fill a quote.

    So they arrest her and because I would not abandon her, they arrested me and sent me to jail for 3 nights and gave me 10 days community service along with a criminal record.

    Only pigs defend these pigs, They’re criminals they must be stopped

  55. People…racism is a mental condition that stems from the psychological delusion of white supremacy. Look the hidden wealthy elites that truly control this world uses racism, sexism, homophobia, classism, religion, culture etc. to divide the masses of people around this world in order to say in power and control. If you want to live TRULY free…we all have to come together and unite against them….you are all in the matrix and is unaware of these elites power and control over this world. They don’t care about people of color or poor and working class whites…White if you think they care about you why did they do that to the white middle-classes? Have you ever seen the whites that live in the Appalachian Mountains? Google it. They only care about wealth and especially power over your lives. Stop allowing them to divide us.

  56. I do not condone the actions of the NYPD – I don’t know what happened, and from prior experience, I don’t expect all the facts to come out. I do know that the NYPD’s reputation among many people as lawless, racist thugs is well earned.

    But here’s a fact: Far more black men and boys are killed by other black men and boys than by the police. And yet, the marches and protests and outrages over that sad fact are few and far between. Nowhere near the level of outrage over this. And yet, the biggest killer of black men and youth in this country is other black men carrying guns. Why is it that whenever a cop kills a black man, every black community leader from here to the west coast comes out of the woodwork to decry racist police tactics, but whenever the far more common crime of rampant murderous black-on-black gun violence rears its ugly head, the outrage is not even a fraction of that? Why is it that nobody is asking why a sixteen year old boy was CARRYING A GUN on the streets of New York? Why is this lost? There will be NO PROGRESS in the state of black-on-black murderous violence unless this issue – black men and boys killing each other with guns – is addressed. So far, the “leadership” of the black community seems unwilling or unable to rise to the occasion.

  57. Thanks for this article! Truly believe that your server/hosting account came under attack. Stands to reason for the ‘powers that be’, it would serve Their interests indeed, how that would help Their agenda for the blackout.

    I have read some of the posts here of others. A lot seem to only be focused on racism , but this incident has little to do with that as far as citizen to citizen. What this whole mess is about is illegal laws being passed & enforced to protect the Offices of those who could & should come under scrutiny. Do not let miss guided feelings distract you here from what is really going on.
    What is going on? Tyranny that is what. NYC in its self has violated rights for years. Case point in hand is the illegal Law of owning fire arms in NYC.
    The Federal Gov’t allows this to go on, though its clearly against the U.S. Constitution as well as New York States.

    In short, the problems in NYC and in particular in Brooklyn’s Flat Bush area are not unique. This Police and Nanny State condition is a growing trend in the U.S.A. as well as around the World.
    Our so-called Leaders are out of control and have been for sometime, it is far past the time for reigning in our police, and all levels of Our Gov’t.
    It is time to light up the darkness.

  58. Priveledged upbringing because I’m white?? Racist because I’m white?? Piss on all of you. I was raised in a Georgia “ghetto”, have more trouble with whites than blacks, have a “mixed” grandson that I love, never had a damn thing handed to me, and don’t give a damn what tint your skin is. Niggers aren’t black, they are every color. I hate pompus self-serving douchebags that only have enough intelligence to down someone because of skintone. Wake up and smell the napalm, people: RACISM IS ONE OF THE STRONGEST CARDS GOVERNMENTS PLAY TO KEEP PEOPLE SEPERATED AND WEAK.

    1. I totally agree with the last thing u said. Their biggest tactic is to turn everyone on eachother to better control us and leave us vulnerable. We have to stick together no matter where we come from or how we look. We need to agree to disagree and accept eachother. Spread the love!

    2. Really? Go Google Black on White Crime and after you go through the pages after pages of info, Google White on Black crime. You might be shocked to realize you’re and ignorant douchebag (As you put it) and that your family is breeding with this rabid animals

  59. People are so quick to point the finger but never look at themselves. The change has to start within us. you cant stop hatred and destruction with more hatred and destruction.

  60. Times like this are when we should be growing closer not apart. We need to set aside our differences! everything is supposed to teach us something no matter how brutal! there is a time for love and A time for hate! Let us come together and figure something out. We all need eachother!

    1. Seriously man. Instead of wasting time spreading hate to others over the internet, simply because we have different political views, etc.. fucking come together and realize we are all human. We are the only ones who can stop this. Our constitutional rights are slowly being stripped away from us and we’re still to busy hating each other over something as unimportant as skin color.

  61. I only hate because of what I have witnessed in my life. I was raised in an almost white area in California. I moved to Florida and that’s when I realized reality. When I stop reading how Black people rape this White woman, kill her, beat up this white guy, riot because Martin was killed by a SPanish but blame the whites and stop sucking the system dry like they are entitled… Point is, when they change to be respectable people I will change my views.

  62. How did you people allow this troll to control this conversation. The conversation should be how are we as a society change the same mentality that gets us here. This is not black or white. This is us losing our country. What are we gonna do? Exactly what they want and Fight each other. Stop and stand up against the
    oppression that’s coming. You fouls!

  63. This is incredible. How is this even possible? Why is Trayvon Martin’s killer still loose? Why the hell did it take the police officers 11 bullets to murder Kimani. Did they not get any accuracy training? Was Kimani wearing eleven bullet proof vests? How does this happen? How is it that the police officers that murdered Amadou Diallo are not in solitary confinement for their psychotic shooting spree? Why did they kill Sean Bell? We all know why these things are happening. We all know how these things can happen. It doesn’t have to be this way. All you have to DO is…

  64. to all the balancing act bigots from both sides of the spectrum in this thread: racism is a reality. people hate each other, it is a natural state of being. the united states is a volatile place for everyone right now. this nation has become a conglomeration of many cultures and there has risen a problem of cultural diversity out of this multi-racial disaster. a problem with a need to be recognized. this is the united states of america. either standing tall, or looking stupid & ugly… it is ours. the only way anything is ever going to function again is when everyone decides to be an american first and foremost once again. this is not an easy accomplishment. if you want to make a difference, be an american. not an african american, not a redneck american, not an asian american, not an indian in america, not a native american, not a mexican american, not a muslim in america. everyone, EVERYONE came to this nation in a leap of faith to make the world a better place at one point or another. we all have to live together. trying to make it a better place is not an easy job. easy jobs are for lazy people. america, you have become lazy.

  65. Guys, I think you’re missing the point.

    The point is that people are getting arrested while exercise their right to peaceable assembly.

    The question is not whether or not he had a gun. I’m sure the court will be able to decide whether or not the actions of the police were appropriate. The question is whether the actions of the police were appropriate with ‘kettling’, and dealing with the vigils.

  66. Troll. Just as easy to say as, “that’s racist”. When someone has points to be made on the other side of a conversation doesn’t make people a Troll, It just means you don’t want to hear the other side of reason because it goes against what you want.

    I am not a cop supporter in any state. Police should be here to protect and to serve, not set people up to do the wrong thing as in the case of a poster above and a Cell Phone (If true).

    We have to stop the violence against each other first and a fact is Black commit more crime against WHite People and other crimes than White on Black. As a White man it’s kind of hard to support the Black community.

    1. Hey scott, thanks and I expect that from you on a public forum a place where cowards usally talk shit! Have a nice day :)

  67. I think that the constitution was made for the white people and the powers that be. As long as there is a hint of once upon a time ago; there will always be this type of reaction towards a people..

  68. Well. If this helps. ” I not white, nor red, or black. I’m brown. From the boogie down
    The problem is how ignorant we who believe in being “white” or “black” by definition. All of these degrees on this stream, and never mentioned until now. We both can share in being a nigger because only a nigger won’t say the obvious about themselves. ” are you a white man?” 100% of the time it’s answered he’s. “I’m not a nitro. I am a black man.” Exactly, and the angry one in the room, elevator, etc.. We fall for the same thing on the daily. Around the world we probly look stupid. If I’m a prince from Ghana, and become a broke American, then I’m coined a Nigger. But if I’m rich, then I should have my choice on the color because its a game we play with each other. I stopped claiming shit that don’t belong to me. I’m Nacirema* American born free not a slave. So the choice is yours .

  69. This is a very sad situation.I first would like to say,my deepest sympathy go’s out to the family and all who are saddened by this young mans death.It seems we are and have been programed to use these forms of communication to express our dislike for one another without really trying to change these things.Our hate and distrust of each other continues to allow those in power to steal lives and livelihood.There are those who believe because they work hard and long hours sacrificing time with family and planing for retirement that everything will be good.That is before they are robbed by those very people who they worked so hard for.Now I know some will ask how does this connect to this young man losing his life.Its all connected.Because the same power that steals the hard working mans retirement is the same power that killed this young man.To keep us divided because of race has and continues to steal from all of us.Its not about race,its about control of all of us.Keeping us fighting like blind dogs.

  70. you guys are completely missing the point, it’s not about white or black anymore in this country it’s poor vs rich it’s powerful vs powerless it doesn’t matter if you are white black mexican chinese or any other race the fact is if you are low income this government is against you. Nothing will ever change if we keep blaming any race, the fact is all races need to stand together and fix this government

  71. Will the rednecks stop speaking for all Whites and read a book?I never had a problem there. Worst places are the redneck, crackhead areas. Rednecks cause drama. Their aggressions troll out, in any subject of life or rights.Ones trolling on here are probably rapists.

  72. guys…there are obviously trolls in this dungeon. Let’s not get worked up by these idiots and spread awareness of this news to other parts of the internet with our time.

  73. First They Came – Pastor Martin Niemoller

    First they came for the Communists
    And I did not speak out
    Because I was not a Communist
    Then they came for the Socialists
    And I did not speak out
    Because I was not a Socialist
    Then they came for the trade unionists
    And I did not speak out
    Because I was not a trade unionist
    Then they came for the Jews
    And I did not speak out
    Because I was not a Jew
    Then they came for me
    And there was no one left
    To speak out for me

  74. Why did y’all waste your time explaining to that piece of shit “tired of racist blacks”. Can’t you tell this creep is a “few short of a six pack”? He’s probably an “inbred”, a product of his brother and sister, or father and sister. In any case, don’t waste your time.

  75. the issue here is systemic abuse of police power.
    the police involved and victim were all minorities.
    leave the race debates for another conversation.
    it time to come together as a society and say this type of police conduct is wrong and will not be tolerated.

  76. I would like to make a comment to all of you. There is a problem with both the white race and those people of color. Like it was adi there are bad as well as good in all races. It is something that a lot of us are trying to correct by our actions. UYsing obsenities and calling people names is not going to help anyone. Becuase of the poor economy, unemployment and mental helath issues, people are unable to better themselves even if they wanted to. People turn to drugs to try and help them with their anxiety and depression and other feelings of being put down, kept down. Everyone needs to ban together. Their are blacks in law enforcement that are just as bad as the white polcie officers. There is a movement of it is them (the police) against us (the citizens of this country. There is a problem with the police brutality and their arrogant attitudes. It is happening all over this country. Alot of the police have no love in their hearts. They follow blindly because they have been brainwashed by those that are in power. It is time we all get a reality check, leave race out of it and ban together to fight for this country and what it was founded on. We all need to fight with a common goal to eliminate police violence against the citizens. They kill us, they kill our animals, they are protected by the prosecutors, the courts, judges and they continue to keep getting away with it. It is time to stand up together and stop the madness.

  77. Regardless of what the situation was, I doesn’t make sense to start looting and destroying buildings to show your outrage over what those glorified gangbangers (nypd) have done and are doing.

  78. It’s amazing how bold some of you are to call someone a nigger when we can’t see your faces!! Racist NYPD, racist civilians, and you wonder why people if color are angry!! Try going to work every day, pay your taxes, abide by the law and then get thrown to the ground by a cop for walking out in public for being black or hispanic. You say WE’RE all violent but most serial killers are white!! So what are they if not violent? Face it people of color are not the problem!! This is an angry world and its getting angrier every day!! Those in glass houses…

  79. I wont be complaining about anything today. I’m going to work, and I’m quite sure no one will bother me. If they do, I will show them this link (via my phone) and they will remember that their problems are smaller than -Sick Of Racist Black’s- dick.

  80. This is being handled VERY poorly by the NYPD, this situation in Brooklyn has serious potential to spread. I live in Bushwick and people there already have a bitter taste in their mouths from the police. This does not help. Cops see themselves as something different than a regular citizen, therefore they believe they can treat citizens like animals. Poking, prodding, searching and demeaning at any given time. People wake up!!! The police are supposed to help us! Not give out BS tickets all day, make your life harder, and make you feel anxious every time a cop is around. Something big has to change.

  81. We live in a crazy world; a beautiful world, but full of flaws. Imagine if people just did the right thing when they knew they should

  82. I cant believe there are adults arguing this way on the internet! This is exactly why we all get owned by the government and the bankers ..because we are so predictable and can’t move forward and progressively think as a group of people.

    If this argument was in the street , it would need the same cops we are talking about to break it up! This is why they will take away your rights and continue the enslavement of not only blacks , but all races who don’t have access to wealth or knowledge..

    Please wake up!

  83. wow. the govt is SO successful in dividing and conquering. republicans vs democrats, gun advocates vs gun control advocates, black vs white, rich vs poor, truthers vs sheeples, etc. we are all americans and we should all become as one.

  84. monsanto is poisoning us. chemtrails are poisoning us. false flag psyops are duping us, media is brainwashing us.

  85. Where shall I begin? Oh I know…

    It’s weird and at the same time depressing seeing blacks get upset over someone of a different race say the word nigga; offline and online. How they can say that the word “nigga” is “their” word is simply hilarious. Who would want that word? & why get offended when someone of a different race say it? You did it to yourselves. You’ve accepted the word “nigger” by pretty much remixing it to “nigga”. So um, lets see, unless you were calling yourselves “nigger” first, I don’t see how you can claim a word. Even much so again I ask why claim the word as yours? Nigga, nigger, it’s the same thing in my eyes. I’m black and I don’t use the word and it’s disgusting when I hear rape music, yes you read correctly, ‘rape music’ or should I say ‘rape culture‘. Every other word, “nigga” is there. Hmm, I see, since the dawn of time as far as music is concerned the word nigga has been in Hip-Hop/Rap, so I guess it kind of makes sense why those who get offended when someone who isn’t black says it. How pathetic. This isn’t the 1930′s anymore, you don’t have to sit in the back of the bus. If someone of a different race using the word nigga towards you is like them saying nigger, you shouldn’t give any sign that it’s okay to use; black or white.

    In an e-mail, I were told by a pretty hostile Black man who told me the reason the word nigga exists is because they needed their own word to describe “friend”. Very, very laughable. Honestly, what is the difference between nigga and nigger? There is not one intelligent argument that you can try to force down my throat that will show me the difference between the two. From my knowledge, nigger means, a black person, whose inferior, ignorant, etc, it also means, a victim of prejudice. Nigga on the other hand is pretty much nigger but only blacks can call another black that. What a shame, substituting ‘er’ for ‘a’ and claim rights over the damn word.

    It’s not only the word nigga blacks substitute letters with, there are others; gangsta, murda, rappa, for instance. But, while those letters is substituted, the meaning of the word stays the same but not for nigga, why is that? Listen, nigga is what nigger is and of course there is no jumping hurdles, climbing mountains, kayaking around that. Reminds me of what Tupac said: he tried but making acronyms for nigga isn’t going to change the true definition of the word. “never ignorant getting goals accomplished” is just preposterous. Really, anyone with a sane mind will not walk around calling themselves nigga, if anything, they’ll call themselves black. Those of us who aren’t ignorant, who are getting goals accomplished without the awareness of NIGGA, do we call ourselves niggas too now because the word which is still crap but has now been spray painted with gold?

    Flipping nigger into nigga will not give you more power or make it less hurtful when other races use it, if it did, you wouldn’t get so upset about it when they do say it. Just ask yourself, before the next time you get bent out of shape when someone uses “your” word, who invented it in the first place? Who made it possible for you to even change the word into what it is today? If you don’t know, let me tell you, white people. Nigger – Etymology: alteration of earlier neger, from Middle-age French – negre, from Spanish or Portuguese – negro. Originally “nigger” is a term derived from the Latin word “negro” which means black in color but is also used to refer to an ignorant person. Just because you played around with this disgusting word, it doesn’t make it yours. As long as people have a voice, white, black, green or blue, they will use this word.

    So I’m pretty much assuming here, why most black people use this word is because they THINK it’s THEIRS? Look at how Hip-Hop has taken the power of the words away. It should be a two-way street. If nobody can say nigga but blacks then stop calling Hispanics beaners, wet-backs, and spics; stop calling Whites honky’s, crackers, white trash.

    You don’t hear other races singing in their music how much they love their “Crackers” or “Beaners” and how they’ll die for them. White people don’t walk around calling themselves crackers, and mexicans don’t go around calling themselves spic’s, but we the black people, the poorest race in the world, the race considered to be the most violent, and the race with the most depressing slavery past are the ones who call themselves the most obscene words, but in a nice way? I can’t help but laugh at you all.

    A word is just a word and sorry to say, but in these 50 states you can say whatever you want to say. If any word affects you then that’s you. A word like nigga goes as far as you let it go, really nothing anyone say should affect you but for some reason you get offended by everything. If you think white people are trying to be “slick” my calling you niggas, maybe you shouldn’t be calling each other niggas. If you know where the word originates from and yet you still use the word you think is less derogatory, then you’re being irrational and hypocritical for getting upset. Both words mean the same thing. When Richard Pryor was using it to joke around he was using the stronger meaning to get across a softer concept that would make the audience laugh – shock value. AGAIN if nigga really is less harmful than nigger why do you get as mad when a white person says it?

    I think they both mean the same thing, and it keeps black people subconsciously at a standard below every other race. You’re calling each other slaves and savages, and you think it’s cool? I guess so. Whatever floats your slave ships.

  86. Wow! Talk about a red-herring! I just read about half the replies here. The original story is about POLICE BRUTALITY operating under the Color of Authority to illegally suspend Constitutional rights. All it took to detract from that was someone spouting off racial bs. Now someone please correct this simple city raised half-bred Native American: The U.S. Constitution, as it now stands, applies to EVERYONE who is a Citizen, yes? Regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, sexual preference, religious or spiritual beliefs, right? As I see it, if the rights of ANY American is abridged or denied without due process, WE ARE ALL SCREWED! Who will be next on the list to be subdued? Catholics? Jews? Mormons? Buddhist? Red-necks? (look out Jeff Foxworthy) People who home school their kids? Those who oppose vaccinations? GMO foods? Those that require government accountability?

    Those of you are spouting off racial bs are feeding into the propaganda – KEEP THE PEOPLE DIVIDED – Keep THEIR attention on something else besides what WE are doing: It’s called a shell game for a reason.

    Honestly I would not be the least bit surprised if “sick of racist blacks” is NYPD, or some low-level goverment bureaucrat for NY city. And you all bite right into the distraction, hook-line-and-sinker.

    Since many of you haven’t figured it out yet here’s another chance to get a clue – if you have the guts lol!

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  89. Lets just get it on. Blacks in this country think they are still oppressed and are owed something. My white ass doesn’t owe any black asses anything. You want to kill whitey, well come get some. Remember, it was whites who ended slavery. By the way, do any of you negro’s know history? It was black muslims who sold africians into slavery. It was black muslims who enslaved whites in the 16 and 1700’s. Every race has been a enslaved one time or another. Get over yourself. So, if you still what some, whitey is ready, are you?

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